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To all new players to FFXIV

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:20 pm
by Bass64
This message is for anyone that is new to the game. And is on his first class/job.

!!!Don't use Palace of the Dead to level up quick.!!!

I notice allot of people have problems with endgame or getting close to end game stuff.

- They don't know how to use there skills.
- Don't have good gear to do any good damage.
- Don't have good gear to get a good ilvl to do even the first 60 dungeon.

It's to use Palace of the Dead if you get close to 60 so you can work on the weapon. (i235 need 30/30 and for the i255 60/60 and the i235 weapon).

It is important to stay close to the main quest. So you don't miss stuff. And keep good geared because of the dungeons you do on your way. Also use those dungeons to level up. You will learn allot more because of the skill you get slowly. And can practice with it.

It is oke to use the EXP ring you can get at level 15. By doing the Hall of the novice. You will get it at the last mission.

Most question are answered with: do the main story.
So stick to the main story.

With this link you can see where to unlock stuff and when/how. (Open it in a new window!)

Re: To all new players to FFXIV

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:25 pm
by Bass64
Dungeons needed for the Roulette's as in patch 3.5 Part 1

50 Roulette:
50 Roulette

60 Roulette:
60 Roulette