Patch 0.013 Sinda's list

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Patch 0.013 Sinda's list

Postby Bass64 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:07 pm

Got this list from Sinda for tips and tricks and stuff like that.
That is what i changed:

increase the cost of true strike to 10 tp

review the mountains outside of moraby docks and the exits from inside to not cliping into the mountains
Made all the same mountains

the bridge at south west of moraby docks must be unnaccesible?
Can now. But nothing todo yet over the bridge

made the limit break gauge reset in every boss (after leviathan), but make the gauge increase more fast but in only in that fight
Can't do that.

reduce to 5 mp the cost of esuna

give different speed to each member
Will see later if i will do that.

empty the limit break gauge after use any kind of level
I see the point. But the plug in does not support that. Maybe ballance it more out so lvl2 is better then 2x lvl1 limit break.

give hitbox to the trees with ¿apples? and other stuff in middle la noscea
Apples done, trees will be annoying if all are.

increase the attack of minotaur to a similar level of the imp
Did put is same as Imp.

add a fixed image to a battles inside dungeon

reduce the magic defense of imp, and keep the physical defense (its perfect)
from 70 to 50M.def. A.def stays on 70

fix to 3 turns the effect of refresh
Did set it on 5 to 10 turns. With 5%mp a tick. (it was 7 to 10 with 25% MP).
Also did lower the TP cost from 50 to 25.

slighty increase the amount of exp of new members up to level 10 (or reduce the necesary xp to level up), example sinda and forward
Changed it when they join you (only the story related ones). They are instand lvl10 (sinda will be lvl5)

reduce the max hp around 150-250 to imp, spriggan and puk
Did lower there HP a bit. But not that low.

syphon strike should have a special effect? if its the case, nothing happen
Nothing special here. Just extra dmg is done.

>>>>>>>>>> CANT EXIT FROM DUNGEON AFTER GUARD BATTLE<<<<<<<< (i recommend add a escape portal)
Looking into this now. If have to walk back or port almost right to the cage.

You all see this in 0.014
This one will be uploaded later tonight.

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